These Nails are Made for Coding

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My hands are probably the part of my body I look at the most, and since I started coding I feel people look at my hands more frequently than my face. 

 segway: I read a study years ago that said people look at your backside more frequently than your frontside. The reason: because strangers feel more comfortable staring at you when you are not looking!

 I am a nail-bitter. If I am anxious, my nails will pay the price. If anyone wants to know if I am stressed out, all they'd have to do is take a look at my nails. 

 Usually I solve this problem by getting acrylic nails. I can’t bite those so I end up leaving my nails alone. The problem is that short acrylics are so damned ugly, and I can’t be rocking long nails if my job consists of typing all day. Plus, they are kind of tacky. 
 As a developer I feel that having chipped nails, old nail polish, or dirty nails is the equivalent of a public speaker with bad breath. Sure it doesn’t affect how effective you are at your job, but it looks so much better if in check. 
Short nails can get boring quickly, so I have curated a Pinterest Board with short nail design inspirations!  


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