$30 credit for Shyp!

Monday, August 31, 2015

A while back I came across a Twitter ad for Shyp. The blue and white winged logo caught my eye. Initially I thought it was a Skype product, but the tagline "The easiest way to ship anything." really got my attention. It had nothing to do with Skype AND wait- there's an "easier" way to ship stuff? I hate the post office, tell me more...

Shyp is basically a shipping courier. Through their app you take a photo of the item you want to ship- no need to package it- select shipping speed, and input recipient's address. That's it! In 15 minutes there will be a sweaty guy in your office with a huge duffle bag looking for you.

Shyp doesn't actually ship the stuff, they simply package it and send it to the carrier (which they select based on the lowest rates). The service costs $5 + whatever much was the postage. They don't charge for packaging. I seriously have no idea how they plan to make a profit with this. But whatever, I take whatever excuse I can find to not go to the post office. 

I have used the service 4 times now, and so far Shyp has been on point. They are at my desk in less than 15 mins, do a great job with the packaging, and my items have been shipped within the hour. They also have insurance and a bunch of other perks I have not cared to read about. 

If you have not tried Shyp yet, this is your moment!

Lastly, Shyp makes up for it's stupid name with a stunning website. That wins major brownie points with me. 

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