Music Playlists for Coding

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The background music I listen to while coding can be just as important as my morning coffee.

Sudden noises or people chatting near me can break my concentration. I like to drown out background noises with a steady stream of music that helps keep me calm and focused. I prefer songs without lyrics because otherwise I want to think about the lyrics or try to sing along.

If the beat is too fast, or too complex, it also disrupts my concentration. But if the beat is too slow or the music is too mellow (think spa music or soundscapes) I get bored, tired, and feel restless.

My favorite genres are: electronic, jazz, classical. I especially like tunes that are a blend of all those genres. I was first exposed to this blend at fancy hotel lounges, so I immediately associate the music to that upscale, luxurious and modernly sexy atmosphere. I work really hard to be able to afford a lot of things I want to do, try, experience, learn, etc. Listening to this music not only helps drown out background noise, but also motivates me to do a great job because it reminds me of that next level I want to be at.

Here are some Spotify Playlists that I follow: 

Im always on the hunt for great "lyricless" playlists, if you have one, please share in the comment section!

Happy coding!

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